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History of Family Baptist Church

     Family Baptist Church

1970's to 1980's:

Bible Baptist Church was a missionary plant.

Early 1984:

New pastor, Ernesto Monte~Allegre, took on the name of Family Baptist Church after a church-naming contest was undertaken.

Early 1988:

Around this time, Pastor Monte~Allegre resigns and God directs a missionary couple family to Guam. The Dan Doresk family had been visiting a mission work in the Philippines where they felt God was leading them to a work there. However, due to dangerous insinuating circumstances, the stay was short-lived. They returned to the United States with a stop-over on Guam. It was at this time that God directed them to Family Baptist Church. Dan and Brenda Doresk with their daughter Serena were Baptist missionaries sent from Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

May 1992:

Missionary Pastor Dan Doresk's resignation becomes official as Family Baptist Church calls its first full-time pastor, establishing it as a fully Independent-Fundamental Baptist Church in Dededo, Guam. Pastor Joseph and Garthea Henson served for the next seven years preaching, teaching and discipling families at Family Baptist Church.

February 1999 to July 2001:

The church went through an unsettled time and is again on missions status and in search of a permanent pastor.

June 2004 - August 2009:

Missionary Pastor Jay and Linda Aarseth come to serve as our missionaries.

August 2009 - Present:

We are currently seeking a Pastor. Please pray for us as we are seeking God's guidance for this matter.